Sugar Gun Nightmares; The Kids Are Too Far Down'.

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Sugar Gun Nightmares; The Kids Are Too Far Down'.

There's destruction everywhere.

People dying for pointless reasons.

Futures taken by mass hysteria.

Sickness infecting the weak minded.

The chaos is Everywhere, and the Question lies in; Why?

What will this endless slaughter solve? Nothing.

You're influencing the masses to make choices in extremely emotional states.

I want the world to be Free once more.

And with this, I sit listening to Save Me - Queen.

All through my childhood ( even in the womb, lmao ) I've been a Queen baby. The music takes me places I've never gone before, and is my inspiration to create what will in my near future become " The Miracle ". Heh', another good song by them. ♥

I'm still distressed in so many ways leading into this Year, but I keep Faith in my Sugar Gun, if anyone out there even recognizes the term'. I'm defending Myself and my Heart only with it; Nothing more. I suggest everyone else follows suit. I'll be recording music sometime this Spring after my 21st birthday, hopefully on here for you all to see and hear. ;)

Time to let others dwell on the Internet now, will be posting more Advice/Intellectual Stories later in the week'. Much love, kiddies'. xoxo

~ Rhomance Sunrise ~ Signing Off.