Christmas Cookies & Wishful Thinking.. *:

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Christmas Cookies & Wishful Thinking.. *:

Christmas cookies.. I'm frosting them. ;]

I really do Love the Holidays, though, all jokes and innuendos aside.

I'm hoping to go ice skating sometime soon as well with some friends, it's been a while since I've busted my ass on the ice haha. (: I'm actually a really great skater, just like everyone else though, I get too cocky with it sometimes and end up slamming into a barricade. xD That's Karma for ya'.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate or call it nowadays. :P I don't particularly feel like the Holidays should be focused around Religion alone, but I do appreciate all the different kinds out there.. It's important to me that if you are a religious person, you use your right as a human being to show your Faith as publicly as you'd like. It's your Life and your choice, nobody else's to judge. <3

Now, time to finish my cookies and enjoy the fuck out of 'em. (: Excuse my French lol. Have a great night, everyone.

PS: I'm listening to every My Chemical Romance album tonight in a row. I suggest you do the same. c:

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