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past week has been a bit of a blur

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Vampire princess's picture
on July 18, 2014 - 5:38pm

I dunno I can't really keep up with what day it is at the moment (after checking my computer clock, it's Friday, I have work at 9 tomorrow. shit) I was hanging out with friends the other day, we went to the park and did a load of stuff, and it was interesting, they were all drinking loads too, but I'd drank way too much the night before and spent the day puking (lovely, I know) So I didn't drink, I just did the other stuff. It was funny, and we ordered pizza, there was a massive storm outside and we stood in the road smoking and watching it. It was really pretty and relaxing. eventually we went to bed, I curled up on the chair and at one point this really weird feeling came over me. it was like my body felt like it just dropped, even though i didn't move, and it kinda felt like something left me, it felt as though I was floating but i couldn't move. I'm trying not to say 'like' too much, but basically i felt like i was weightless but weighted. It's really weird, i couldn't move and everything was just going on around me. Anyway that wore off, and then this guy we'd basically just a few days ago, but invited along anyway, threw up all over my kitchen, I made him clear it up 'cause I didn't feel like moving. he missed the kitchen door though, so I got told off by dad for that today. i cleaned it when everyone left. Then I spent the day doing nothing. work asked me to come in but I told them i couldn't. i just sat at home watching shitty tv and drinking cider. I dunno, my life's pretty boring at the moment, just felt like posting an update.