Climbed a few roofs, fell in a few rivers, tried teaching a bird how to fly...Real girls day out today! XD

My friends Lizzie, Katie, Aimee and I had a 'Girls day out' today, and we didn't do much girly at all, other than a bit of shopping. First of all, me and Katie climbed on the roof of the shopping center/mall, and when we got bored of that, we went to a cafe and met Lizzie and Aimee, then we all went round to random shops and bought random stuff, then on the way to Lizzie's we found a pigeon by the side of the road, and it couldn't fly, so we picked it up and took it to the woods, tried teaching it to fly but it either didn't want to, or couldn't. So we hung around the woods, Aimee and I fell in a river - LOL, and then we took the bird back to Lizzie's, and let it sit on some old Kerrang! magazines (Gerard Way's face!!! D:) and gave it bird seeds and water, but it died later that evening :( The way we saw it though, at least it died in the warm with food and water instead of by the side of the road. :P
But yeah, it was a pretty cool day, not what you'd immediately think of when you hear the words "Girls Day Out" Though XDDDD