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can't believe what i did on the weekend, fuck.

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Vampire princess's picture
on July 14, 2014 - 6:05pm

I went out on Friday and we went to some club in North London, and it was a pretty good club, the drinks were expensive though. It had a cinema area, and they were playing Ice Age, so my friend and I sat and watched it, and I'd already had a few drinks, so I was pretty chill, and this guy who was quite a bit older came up to us and asked what we were doing, and we said we were watching Ice Age, he said "That's no fun!" We told him "Yeah it is, why do you have something more fun in mind?" And he told us to follow him, so out of curiosity or alcohol or both, we got up and followed this guy into some unisex toilets, where we all piled into one cubicle (Don't worry this isn't dirty or creepy anything!) And then he pulled out a big plastic bag with other smaller bags inside, and literally I panicked at that point, I was like fuck this guys a dealer or some shit, and he asked what we wanted, and we asked what he had, he told us speed, mephedrone or mdma, (sorry if this topic's a bit awkward to read about it's just I've told like one person about this and I don't wanna bottle it up) I thought that mephedrone would be better 'cause it was legal until recently, but for some reason, maybe the alcohol, maybe 'cause I'm a fucking idiot, but I didn't choose that, I asked for mdma, a fucking class A drug. And then we snorted lines of fucking mdma in a fucking toilet cubicle in this club in London. Oh my god. Fuck. It hurt my nose, and the guy said to get water from the taps and put that on my nose, so I did, and it did help, clearly the guy knew what he was doing. And then he just left us to it, he left the toilets and we went our seperate ways, we saw him a few more times that night but didn't talk or anything. Idk though it made me feel weird, like the lights were really interesting, and the music was so awesome, and I just wanted to dance, I didn't want to drink Jack Daniels anymore, instead I had about 3 pints of water in the space of about an hour. And I wanted to be outside a lot, and then I wanted to dance some more, and look at the lights 'cause the colours were so vibrant and the music was so amazing. It wasn't all fun lights and cool music after that though, don't get me wrong and don't go trying this shit, 'cause I also bumped into some guy I used to work with, who's quite a lot older than me, and he decided to shove his tongue down my throat, I was fucked, I didn't know what was happening, but I kept away from him after that. It was gross. And then it started to wear off and I felt really shit, not like sick, like really down and moody, I wanted to go home and sleep, but I wasn't tired, and I just felt really annoyed at everything. Eventually we got back at 8am, I crashed on my friends floor 'cause she said she didn't trust me to get home on my own, so I slept on her floor, which wasn't comfortable but when you're fucked you don't care. I woke up at 11am and her room was still kinda dark 'cause the curtains were drawn, and for a moment I freaked out 'cause I thought there was a person under the bed. There wasn't, I was just losing my mind. I didn't want to move 'cause I thought I'd basically die on the spot if I did, but it wasn't that bad, and eventually I got up. My nose was fucked, it felt really sore, and I'd lost my voice from talking too much, and I had dark fucking circles under my eyes. I looked like shit. Basically that was my weekend, and at the time I said I wouldn't do that stuff again, but I retract that to maybe in a few months if it's free and drinks are expensive. Time will tell. But if you've read all the way to the end, then the only thing I advise is remember everything I've said, and do NONE of it. Don't go into toilets with guys you've just met and sniff class A drugs. IT'S A BAD FUCKING IDEA. Please if anyone suggests that run so far in the opposite direction 'cause I felt shit for so long afterwards and I don't know how to tell my best friend. But yeah, Idk when I'll next be on so.