I do not know what to say and even if I knew how I felt new words would have to be made to express my sadness

My title I know is long but it would take years to fully express my dissapointment.If this site should go to the crows I'd love to stay in contact with the ppeople I consider my family plz talk to me on youtube as tyvolk19.They stayed together long enough for me to figure out how to live and now that I'm on my own feet they die I will always remember them as my favorite band I wish them all the best.I will look foreward to a day when they reform.I just hope no one hurts themselves over this.for now this is all I can say.Also an idea if this site does go up for sell all of us in the MCRmy should try to raise money to buy it.For now over and out

-The joykilling killjoy. AKA Tyler Killjoy that will be my name as sonn as I can change it.