Im so happy ^^

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Im so happy ^^

today i went to the doctor for my meds
( i have add adhd and dyslexia, which are all very common)

normally when she asks how iv been and if iv been happy iv lied and said yes, really i was awful, but i wasnt gonna tell anyone that

but this time she asked and i told her

"you know what susan, normally i lie when i say yes, a while ago I was quite depressed, but now im proud to say im so happy with my life and myself you have no clue how much happier I am, Im more accepting of being in special education and being different of uncool"

then she asked me" really? and what do you think brought out this change"

and I told her
" well I found this band, they taught me that expressing you self and not worrying about what others say is important,it doesn't matter whats wrong or how messed up because they are just as messed up as you , and have overcome that to be what they are today, that its okay if your not okay, because there are others out there so your not alone, hearing this I became a bigger fan and met other fans of this band, and soon realized they were right, im not alone, these people I have met are like my family, whenever I meet another fan its like a connection, one minuet your complete strangers, the next its like you v know each other all your life, most of the time I don't have very much in common with them either"

so she asked me "and who is this band, if I may ask"

and I'm sure you all can guess what I told her next "they are called My chemical romance, and I'm proud to say, they saved me life"