How "This Band Saved my F*cking Life" (Your Story)

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How "This Band Saved my F*cking Life" (Your Story)

okay, baby dolls and an sweet-peas
for the last week I have stopped relieving any stories
please tell your friends
i think i may have confused some people.
the band didn't have to save your life, in fact all they have to do is make you happy

not all MCR fans were suicidal, I'm not, just write in about why you like them, or how you have a song for every point of your day, maybe how you accidentally started singing in class while listening to a MCR song (yes im totally talking about myself ...the teacher was all like "are you singing!?!" and I was like "haha nohh" but he took my i-pod anyway, and my friend mouthed MCR and gave me a high five XD)
anything goes

also please tell your friends
I need over 150 stories to actually send it to MCR
right now i have about 25
and if i don't have over 150 then i will be forced to cancel this
i dont mean to be harsh

please guys please!!!
I can't

here are the details
the book will be called "This Band Saved My F*cking Life"