I think I'm ready. Thank you so very much.

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I think I'm ready. Thank you so very much.

I'm finally feeling confident enough about the way I look to be able to post photos.

A couple of years ago I pretty much had social anxiety. I was bullied throughout junior school, physically and emotionally- being called fat, ugly, stupid, being told I looked like a boy in addition to having a 'friend' whose hobby was kicking the shit outta me when they felt like it.

Going to senior school was hard for me- the first 2 weeks I barely spoke to anyone, and even now I still find it hard, I still have a little voice in the back of my head telling me that everyone hates me, but nowadays that voice has gotten a lot quieter.
Now I'm a lot more confident and I've made some really awesome friends since, here on the website and in 'real life'.

So here I am.

I just wanted to say thank you to all you beautiful amazing people on this website who have given me confidence in myself in anyway whenever I felt in a shitty mood or whenever I needed someone to talk to, so thank you for being there and that I will always be here for you in return.
Thank you.