Stay Beautiful Keep It Ugly ( FANFIC Part3)

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Stay Beautiful Keep It Ugly ( FANFIC Part3)

Gerard left early the next day so i couldnt tellhim about the dream. i was quiet content about talking tot he cat tho. i sat down looked at it and stared to stroke it. it then hissed at me.
i decided that it was a bad idea and then went on the computer. i decided to write out my dreams instead. i tyoed them down when my mobile went off.
it was Gerard.
" Hello?" i asked.
" WE FUCKING GOT IT"he shouted down the phone. i was still half awake so being stupid i asked what.
" You got FUCKING what?" i laughed as he sighed.
" we got the manager, we;re gonna be famous" i then screamed.
" Fucking Hell Gee Thats Amazing" i said.
" I know right. and i think you can come in handy" he said. i looked at my phone as i got a message.
" Hold that thought i gotta go.. love you" i said and then hanged up. it was a message from Sophie my sister.

Heyya Sis,
mum wants to know if your coming over for dinner.

i txted back quickly

easy. i then grabbed my coat and ran to my car. i loved my car. Aston Maritin ( Black obviously) i opened th door and sat in it. i couldnt stop smiling my boyfriend is going to be famous. i then started to drive.
it wasnt a long journey. i started to speed up as i was on a staright road. i decided to stop at a gas station. i laughed as i rmemebered the dream. and then got back to my car. i drank my bottle of coke and drove off again. i saw this car behin me. it was also black it seeded up. i speeded up still looking in my mirror. then as i looked back to my road a car swivled fom no where and crashed into mine. the car tipped over the bank and landed in a river. i tried to take my seat belt off it was jammed. i screamed as people got out their cars and ran to help. people jumped into the water. i felt th car sinking i tried hard to take my seatbelt off. then i felt blood rush down from my head. then i oassed out..

Tortanic Turtle
it was another scene a furneral infact. there was Gerard up making a speach and a coffin lying on a front table. i new the girl. it was me. i lead there looking divine for a dead person. buy my name wasnt my name. It was Helena.i like it. Everyone was emotional. until they kicked the doors opened and put me into a car. after i done some ballet of course x

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