My Best Mate XD

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My Best Mate XD

Apart from you guys there is a girl irl that really gets me and if im down will always make me happy XD

One time, i got Sterotyped ( called Emo) by two girls at school. i told her this and she basically wrote this..

" Terri, i dont understand why people call you that you aren't. i admire you as you will NOT change for anyone;) you stick to who you are, you have the guts, you have a brillaint personatlity and i lovee youu for being who you are, do not change.... please"

you have no idea how much that made my day, she is not a killjoy but i thought i would tell you all seen as though me being called Emo really does hurt me, she also wrote a facebook status saying.
" You dont get it do you, things you say really do hurt people"
i was so made up XD