Im not a vampire ( fanfic 9)

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Im not a vampire ( fanfic 9)

after i stopped crying we were back on the move and found a nice spot to put up camp for the evening, We had brung loads of food and had a camp fire Gerard lying down on a bench we made with Stone and wood. we made up an antidote to stop the sweeling and pain, it seemed to of worked.
" How you feeling?" i asked him as i brough him up some beans in a can Ray had warmed up. he looked at me.
" How do you think?" he said taking the beans forcefully out of my hands.
" Look Gerard" i said. " i never new this was going to happen.
" Dracs?" he said looked at me. " what the fuck are dracs?"
i laughed he then looked at me with a sharp eye telling me to shut up.
" Ermm, Korses little puppets, they do what he says and only him" i said. he nodded and then lied back down and faced the other way.
" night Lindsey" he said. i nodded knowing i was not needed and walked away.
" how is he?" asked Frank, i looked at him and started to cry.
" this is all my fucking fault, all of it, if we hadn't left they would onf seen us, if we hadnt of come back they would not of hurt gerard" i nearly scremed but Frank pulled me into a hug.
" its not your fault" he said.
" Yeah, Lindsey how would we know if they were going to come for us" said Lizzie.
Frank started to storke my head, i new in the comfort of him there was a possibility everything would be fine. so i went to bed.

The next morening i was the only one up , it was boiling, the sun was beating down on me and i felt like i could blow up from the heat. so went to sit in my tent to wait for the others to wake up. i must of dozed off because i got awoken by something moving in my tent. i opened an eye to See Gerard trying to get in.
" Room for a lil-un?" he said. i laughed and pulled him in being careful of his wound.
" Sorry" i said as i hugged him " sorry for everything"
his finger went to the bottom of my chin. he pulled it up so i was looking straight in his eyes,
" dont be" he said. " Don't be" hhe ten moved me closer and then our lipstouched, it was the first time we kissed really since i had been back and oit seemed the best one! Then again, im not going into detail.

i woke up to the sound of kissing. yeah not a great sound to wake up to. i opened the dorr thing from my tent and walked to Franks and Lizzies tent to find that they wern't there.
" SHIT" i shouted waking Ray and brining Lindsey and gerard out of the tents.
" What?" they asked.
" Frank and Lizzie" I stuttered running around to see if i could see them, when i noticed a pait of wheel tracks right near the edge of the camp. " they have gone"
Gerard stood up pulling Lindsey and Ray scrabled out of his falling over getting up and brushing him self off.
" What do we do?" asked Lindsey.
" Get the car we will follow the tracks" I said as we all started to grab things and went to move camp. we all jumped in and i turned the enine on and sped off, i looked in the mirror to see Gerard hlding Lindseys hand really tight.
" its alright Lindsey," i said my voice shaking, " We will get Frank back"

Lindsey was shaking. her cusion has gone and we dont know where. i started to notice the pain of where my wound was had gone and i moved every inch of my body again. pain free. i chuckled to myself and saw Lindseys face. i stopped and looked out the window. this journey was long and silent.

me and Lindsey fell asleep and when mikey started to prod us with a gun i new we was at our destination. i opened my eyes to see a rather big building with glass doors. i nodded towards Lindsey and we got out. i looked to see security cameras folling us.
" Errm Mikey?" i said.
" I Know" he said. Ray was in front with his big gun.
" Ray?" i said, he looked back.
" Ill go infront" i said. he looked shocked and i had to drag Lindsey off my arm to actually do what i planned to do.
" we opeend the doors and walked up a large corridor looking in the opeen doors, when i finally saw a person with black hair.
" FRANK" i shouted. we all ran into the room, untied them and all turned around.
" your not going anywhere" said Korse with 5 dracs either side of them.
" dont you know its rude to beak into someones business" he said.