Im not a vampire ( fanfic 12)

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Im not a vampire ( fanfic 12)

i turned around to see Gerards eyes open but him struggling to breathe.
" GERARD" i shouted fianlly snapping out of my tanse of Lizzie leaving and ran to his side.
" Frank" he said struggling " Do No Leave me"
I nodded as Mikey ran over.
" SHIT MAN" he said as he checked Gerards pulse, it was rising again.
Gerards breathing seemed to have calmed down and he side as his hand touched his neck.
" Panic attack?" i asked Mikey.he nodded.
" Anytime he used to get beaten he use to get one, not as bad as this" he said. i picked gerard up again.
" lets head back to camp and go home" i said. before realising where Lindsey was.
i looked on the floor to see her sitting up thanking frank for his handy work. then she looked around looking for Gerard. her eyes clasped on Gerard that when i thought of it from her side he would looked dead. She screamed. Mikey ran to her.
" he's fine, he's fine,"he said calming her down. " we have to get back to camp"
" Lizzie?" asked Ray as he got up.
" Shes gone man" i said. " gone" i walked out the doors and looked back, blood was everywhere. then i felt a hand on my face. it was Gerards,
" i dont care what you say Frank but i have always had a soft spot for you" he winked bust squirmed in pain.
" That makes two of us" i said as i looked at him.
" i thought i was going to lose you" i said. he looked at me.
" 1: you my best mate frankie and i love you so no i would never leave you and 2: Killjoys never die" he said. i nodded as i heard someone call my name from behind me. Mikey.
" Hey frank, your gun kind of blew up" he said holding a part of my gun that wasnt on fire" i just shrugged.
" i ahve things on my mind atm" i repleid
i waited till everyone got ina and sighed. feeling Lizzie not being around broke my heart

- 1 week later-

I sat down on the bench and looked at Gerard.
" you alright?" i asked him.
" its just a shock you know?" he said. we both looked at Frank.
" its whathe wants to do" i said as Frank got in the car and drove off.
" but without us for help, why cant we help him?" Gee asked.
" i dont know baby" i said as i hugged him. then it was the wait.

( short, but its all about Frankie next)