Golden ( New fanfic) Part 1

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Golden ( New fanfic) Part 1

Okay i decided to qrite a new wfanfic, i couldnt think of another name so there you go..

My hair went into my face as i walked to the studio. i couldnt see nothing. I looked around and saw someone sitting down on a chair drawing. i walked up to him.
" Hello?" i asked him. he looked up.
" im Rae and im looking for someone, his names Gerard and im here for a demo?" i asked. he put the notpad down and walked making his hand movement for me to follow him.
he lead me to a room and sat down on a chair.
" So your Rae?" he asked me judging me. he looked at me up and down before handing me a guitar.
" you have a song?" he asked me? i nodded.
" Well go on then" he said. " whats it called.?"
" dSing" i said. he smiled.
" sing then" he chuckled
"Sing it out, boy, you got to see what tomorrow brings
Sing it out, girl, you got to be what tomorrow needs
For every time that they want to count you out
Use your voice, every single time you open up your mouth" i played it on the guitar softly and then he looked at me.
" thats good" he said, " you mind if i steal it"
i looked at him. " what you mean steal it?" i asked,
" well put it on the album?" he asked.
" Sure?" i said as i got out and left..

I woke up quiet quickly from the dream. i ran downstairs yelled goodbye to my dad who was passed out on the sofa grabbed my ticket and went to the doors of where My Chemical Romance were playing,
" Lucy" i shouted as i got there.
" Hey hey P_D" she shouted back at me.
" You looking forward to this?" she asked me.
" FUCK YEAH" i laughed.
all of a sudden to guys cam out of a car hoodies up and base ball cups.
" the people with 23 and 24 and sitting in rown x please follow us" they said polietly
there was a scrong of tickets and loads of " Ohhhh" and loads of " FUCK SO FUCKING CLOSE"
i looked at my ticket. 23 Row X i looked at Lucy's 24 Row X
" AHHHHHHH" we screamed as they pulled us away. they pulled down their hoods.
" Oh oh oh My Gee, Its Its AHHH" Lucy shouted.
" Hello Girls" said Gerard as he got handed his microphone.
" Ill speak to you later"

Sorry for spelling mistakes, this will get better xx