Destory-ya Part 8

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Destory-ya Part 8

Im bored so here we go :D

We Got home. Okay that isn't exactly what had happened. Frank had given me the most funniest piggy back ever. yet i dont know why. i think i was glad it was with him. we opeend the dorr to the flat and sat down. i burst out laughing.
" What the fuck Taylor?"Asked Frank sitting down also giggling .
" That was an experience" i laughed as i sat on Franks lap.
" Dont do it again" said Gerard.
" what we going to do if they find evidence?" asked Mikey sitting down. i looked at Frank.
" i thought about that" i replied.
" And the answer was?" Asked Ray.
" Your going to now call me Tammi" i said. Frank looked at me. " Im not jokeing Frank. Look there going to find evidence aint they, tell them we broke up long ago. and say im like your new girlfriend. ill die my hair get new i.d and new passport"
" To risky" said Ray who made us all a cup o tea. i sipped a sip of mine.
" Well, itll have to work" I said.
" Or if they do realize say Tammi is my new name as i hated Taylor" i laughed.Gerard nodded.
" i suppose it could work, ii mean, Jonathan can do her I.d n passport, ill get the hair die, we are sorted " said Gerard.
" What colour hair die, what kind of style?" frank said looking at me. i walked tot he mirror. my long Blonde hair dangling over my shoulders, "
id say, curly and Black" Said Mikey i nodded.
" Me to, maybe with red streaks or Pink" i said.
" or blue, or green" said Ray.
" Or gold or silver" Said Gerard.
" Or Yellow Or Orange" Said i said. We All Burst out laughing.
" Im pleased to say we passed the colour test" said Gerard. we laughed again.
" Right lets get to work" i said clapping my hands together.
" Gerard go get the die, Frank get the Id, Mikey we're going shopping and Ray go and get the food" we all started to move when ray Hummphed .
" I alwyas seem to go to the food shops" Said Ray,
" Shut up Ray" said Mikey. " You do realize i always go girl shopping" They said. they both rolled their eyes and then we were off.

I bought loads of clothes. For Mikey. so then he would be happy to come around with me. i bought loads of black stuff. and loads of convers and Dr Martens. and hats, and belts, and bags, thank god i had money.
we got back and the guys were there waiting.
" Hello there Tammi LaLun Scott" Said Frank. ui looked confused. " You were born in England on August the first 1983 your 28 and go out with ermm.. me" said frank who smiled at the last bit.
" Heres the die, a hair dressers coming over in a bit, she got these tablets which change something in your hair to always keep it in nice curls" he smiled.
" and your foods here" said Ray joining in " We have got A Nice Spicey Chicked tonight with a Tikka Masla sauce and popodoms and Pallau rice and naan bread."
" I GOt clothes" shouted Mikey. abit to loud. we all laughed again. i dropped the bags and went to Gerard.
" Thanks, and i mean what i said. I am sorry for causing this Havack" i smiled at him. Frank came with me. i had the most fun. Changing Person.

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