Desert instinct (5)

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Desert instinct (5)

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"We're ready." Twisted said loading up into the car. "Ok, good. i'll take Sigh's car and you guys follow me, it'll be a few minutes i'm not done recording in my notebook. i'll honk when i'm ready" Shadows said jumping in.

"Fine, tell me what you are really feeling. What is wrong?" Sigh said sliding into the car and grabbed the keys. "nothing, why?" Twisted said angrily rolling his eyes "I just think that there is something wrong, you never ever walked out like that after talking about mom. what is going on with you?" Sigh said moving the keys in her hand. Twisted grabbed for them but she moved them away too fast. "i just have to grip the reality that we are not young anymore, they aren't coming back and i don't know if i can handle that thought. i want them back i don't remember them like you do. i don't have a feeling for them, who they were. why they were chosen... they were the amazing killjoys that is certain, and they left us behind with only a book and legends of themselves. what am i supposed to do with that? i can't build a relationship with a book. i can't hold a book close and it hold me back. i can't hug it when i'm crying and tell it all of my secrets expecting anything back. I've been strong. I've tried.... now it's time to be weak... vulnerable. let myself get hurt. and if you can't handle that i will take you to Dr. D to be taken care of by some one who can take care of you. if he's even alive anymore. who knows... we have been so isolated, the world could have collapsed and we wouldn't have even known until we were dead. And do we really trust this lady? i don't know.. i mean for some reason i think i'm being pushed on, but that might just be by my own instincts, and i might be leading us to death... you aren't talking, not even an emotional out burst, what are you thinking?" Twisted said leaning back like the shpeal exhausted him. Sigh just stared at him, a single tear leaving her eye and rolling down her cheek.. she didn't even stop it.

(sorry so short and it took me so long to write. idk i just feel i'm writing in vain.... should i kill them off and let BLI take over? or should i train them into Killjoys to save the world? what are your thoughts??? please comment. or message me.... i'm kinda tired of writing for myself.... but if i get some feedback i would love to keep writing.. it gives me an escape--- Scattered Bullet)