Desert Instinct (3)

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Desert Instinct (3)

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"SIGH!" Twisted screamed running over to her. She wasn't bleeding. He took her into the shack and put a blanket on her, he went back outside, his gun up the whole time. He picked up the book and went back inside to check on Sigh. "Twisted?" Sigh said, Her Big blue eyes fluttering open. "Yea, you scared me lil' sis" Twisted said propping her up. "I scared you? you shot at me.." Sigh said looking at him with the 'are you kidding me' look on her face "no. i shot into the air. you startled me." Twisted said wrapping her up into a tight hug "but all that matters is that you are ok. and not shot" He said smiling and standing up. going over to the small gas burner and plating up some of the Luke-warm goop. "ugh. we need to raid. and move" Sigh said spying the book "they said a month.. we stayed eight years..." She said smiling and taking a bite of the "safe food". "This is some nasty shit." Twisted said taking another bite.. "yep. but at least we know it's not Drac food.. i do not want to be drugged.... though a cheeseburger would be my preference" She said laughing and taking another nasty bite. "Sometimes i think that they are out there... and eating a cheeseburger, but other times... i kind of know they aren't. you know?" Twisted said a tear escaping, he put his plate down and looked at Sigh

"yea, but they aren't.. i know... have you ever seen mom, or Party? any of them?" Sigh said looking at him "yea, but that's just the heat. it's not real" Twisted said looking at her like she's a loon. "but, there is something i have never told you... you were, knocked out once, the same day we got captured.... our.. "sister" came to me, and well... i killed someone. She wasn't alive.. what if they are just checking on us. or trying to tell us something... what if..." Sigh said, looking down "What if what? We are in some really bad long dream and we will wake up and everything will be ok? Do you really think that they are alive. or "visiting us" from the after life?" Twisted suddenly stood up and threw his metal plate on the ground, making food splatter everywhere "sometimes i just." Sigh started "Sometimes i wish you would see reality. there is no room for imagination in reality sister. get yourself together" Twisted said grabbing his jacket and shaking his head at his sobbing sister. He walked out of the door. a plate was heard crashing against a wall, and an agony filled scream. sobbing and finally silence. Sigh cried herself to sleep. Finally when he heard snoring he quietly stepped in, cleaned up the diner mess, sorrow filled his face as he looked at his puffy eyed sister, he fell asleep in the corner trying not to wake her.