Desert instinct (15)

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Desert instinct (15)

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"now we fight" Street said putting her head up proud "no, now we plan to fight" Kobra said raising his eyebrow and motioning for her to sit down "ok, same diff" She said grabbing the seat. "anyone hungry?" Sigh said turning to the makeshift kitchen "oh yes!" Kobra said excited until he got the bowl of goop "oh shit, i forgot about this nasty ass stuff" He said getting a spoonful, turning the spoon around and letting it flop back into the bowl "yep...the only meal we have is this or.... canned peaches.. ironic?" Sigh smiled. "oh irony, what a bi.." Kobra said putting a spoonful into his mouth and spitting it back out. "ugh i hate this shit!" He said setting the bowl down like it had rabies.. it probably did.... it is called power pup. "haha, never changed it's flavor." Twisted said eating some of the goop. "I'm going for a walk" Sigh said grabbing her gun and her coat "be careful" Street said grabbing an extra gun and sliding it to her. "i will" She replied picking up the gun and stepping into the night.

She walked quite a ways before stopping and breaking into tears. "MOM!" she screamed "MOM, I KNOW YOU HEAR ME GODDAMNIT!" she screamed some more "shh you are attracting attention" A voice said behind her "i want to talk to my mom, not you Ghoul" Sigh said, relief flashing in her eyes to have at least seen him "she is busy right now, are you ok?" Ghoul asked taking a phantom step closer. "no, why didn't you tell me Kobra was alive? every time i asked for him you would make excuses. "he's not ready", "he's busy", "he can't". I guess the last one was true, because he was living in BLI" Sigh screamed the last word starting to get furious. "would it have been smart to tell you he was alive? you would have ran and tried to save him and in the process gotten yourself killed, and what good are you to Street and Kobra if you were killed sweetheart?" Ghoul said to her making her angry that he made sense "HE WAS ALIVE! HE COULD HAVE HELPED US!" Sigh screamed again. "Sigh, that's enough screaming. you are going to attract Dracs and i can't help you there." Ghoul said in a stern voice. "fine, so you left us in the middle of the desert with so few contacts for years and expected us to survive?" Sigh said in an eerily calm voice. "you know you get like your mom more and more each day." He smiled "the only times i heard her talk like that is when she was about to explode.. you know she broke Kobra's nose once? haha it was my fault but.." Ghoul looked up at the sky like he was being talked to "ok, i'm sorry... i can just get so carried away sometimes....." He was still looking up, his forehead wrinkled "ok fine, i'll get to the point. Sigh, the reason i appeared to you instead of your mom is because i need to tell you something and you are not going to like it, they thought it would be best coming from me.. they always volunteered me for stuff... ok i'm getting there" Ghoul said looking up and taking another phantom step.

"Ok?" Sigh said keeping control. "Sigh, you are going to loose someone you love in the next year, it will hurt but you will get through it.. do you understand? no matter what happens you must let him go" Ghoul said looking her in the eyes, his slight transparency always got her on edge. "what?" Sigh said taking a step closer to him almost touching "Uncle Ghoul what do you mean?" Sigh said tears falling down her face "you will know when the time comes my dear" He said fading "uncle ghoul" She whispered "you will know" the air said around her "how?" She said collapsing to the sand "you will know" the wind whispered around her fading like Ghoul had.