Days in the Desert (23)

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Days in the Desert (23)

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The door closed behind him and the little sobs became bigger, i haven't cried like this since i lost my family. now i'm gonna have a baby. i have a new family but a baby.. in this day and age? how was i supposed to keep it safe? I couldn't even take care of Dessey. That woman hurt my Dessey, no doubt she'll hurt this baby. "hey" Party said coming in and sitting next to me "hi" I said. my voice cracking. "i'm sorry". He said rubbing my arm "it'll be OK, we won't let anything happen" He said getting up and walking towards the door. "i know" I smiled back

~20 Weeks later~

The mood swings aren't as bad, according to the guys. but my cravings were getting worse and worse. "Hey Saint" I said in a sweet voice "yes" He said knowing i was gonna ask him to make me something. "will you make me something with..... peanut butter in it?" I asked batting my eye lashes "sure..." He said rolling his eyes and going into the kitchen. I looked around for the other guys. Kobra walked in and smiled, he walked in to the kitchen and looked at Saint "why are you wearing an apron? and what are you making?" Kobra asked raising his eyebrows "um.. because i don't want to get stuff on my clothes, AND i'm making peanut butter cookies... for Scat" He said sounding like he rolled his eyes again

"Oh haha good thing i wasn't in here when she got a craving.." Kobra said grabbing some water and heading into the hall "WAIT!" Scat said struggling to get around her pregnant belly "do you need help?" Kobra asked waking in front of her so she didn't have to turn "no, i was just wondering what you guys were doing.. i'm bored" She said sighing "we are just sitting around.. you know... doin' nothing" He said smiling "oh, can i come in" She asked starting to get up "um no.." He said looking like an older brother that didn't want their little sister to come in with his friends "why not?" She asked starting to pout "because.." Kobra said struggling "um.." He struggled "never mind... i don't wanna hang out with you anyways" She said settling back down in the chair and pouted "OK" Kobra said getting up and leaving. Just then She let out a weird sound and doubled over.

Saint dropped the mixing bowl and jumped over the counter "are you OK?" he asked grabbing her shoulders. "yea, the baby kicked.. hard, little jerk" She said looking down at her stomach. She grabbed his hand and put it on the kicking baby. his eyes grew big and a smile spread across his face. "GUYS!!" He yelled. All of the guys piled in, each taking turns feeling the baby kick. each getting the same smile.