Music Tag :D

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Music Tag :D

I dont know who originally posted this.

1. Favorite genre:
Blues Rock

2. Favorite album:
Diamond Dogs - David Bowie

3. Favorite Band:
UM. Jesus, why you do these things to me.
I'll say the Raconteurs.

4. Favorite Musician:
David Bowie & Jack White

5. Favorite Song:
Many Shades Of Black - The Raconteurs

6. Currently listening to:
Sharpest Lives

7. Least favorite genre:
Rap, I would say. I like George Watsky though.

8. Least favorite band:

9. Least favorite musician:
Justin Beiber, hes suck a little prick.

10. Least favorite song:

11. Favorite Musical:
Le Mis

12. Favorite movie soundtrack:
I don't know why everyone else hates it,
The Great Gatsby

13. Favorite music video:
Icky Thump by The White Stripes.

14. Least favorite musical:
You know, I don't know.

15. Least favorite movie soundtrack:
Not sure.

16. Least favorite music video:
I... dont know.

17. Play any instruments?
Bass guitar, piano, guitar and I used to play the trumpet *smacks forhead*

18. Dream band, what would yours be?
Shit, I don't know. Something with the mix of TWS, TDW and TR. So kinda Blues and Folk rock. I'd be the singer and bassist and well, I'll have to think about this.