I have returned!

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I have returned!

So... It's been a month. Sorry about that. But I have returned! I have been swamped with schoolwork (DO NOT TAKE 18 HOURS - unless you have to, like me). But anyway, I am just checking in to say 'Hi'. So... Hi. ALSO is there anyone who is going to see Mindless Self Indulgence on April 2nd at the House of Blues in Dallas? Because I am, and I need a pal. Because right now, I am all by myself (oh, and did I mention, I am all by myself... c: )

Anyways, I hope everyone has been leading exciting lives in the month I've been MIA. I haven't. Except I got my nose pierced (which my mom was NOT happy about but I'm 19 and I can do what I want ;) ). Other than that I've been reading. Reading textbooks. Reading SO MANY textbooks. And watching "Futurama" on Netflix. I do love Netflix so...

So, message me if you are going to the MSI show and want to be friends! Because where else is it better to meet new friends than on the Internet! Lol, jk.

Okay I'm hungry now. Check ya later!
- Holly