Mousekat the cheerleader?

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Mousekat the cheerleader?

I really shouldn't fall asleep to Danger Days anymore...

Last night, I had this crazy dream, where I was at a small town high school basketball game, except there weren't any basketball players, but somehow there was a score? I was sitting on the side of the losing team, watching Gerard prance and dance around in a Mousekat costume cheering for the winning team, like he was supposed to. But we all know Gerard hates to do what he's supposed to.

So he looks over at the bleachers where the losing teams fans are sitting, and he makes all the cheerleaders for said winning team go over in front of our bleachers and start cheering for OUR team. Gerard is really excited, and he's jumping and dancing and singing and screaming "We can win! We can win!" to us, making us chant and scream along. It's really intense, and at one point I ran down the bleachers to Gerard (Mousekat) and hugged him, and he made me start cheering and dancing in front of everyone with him...

It was pretty amazing. And I sincerely hope this happens one day. :D