Friday the 13th!

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Friday the 13th!

Yes! One of two days of the year when it's socially exceptable to wear all black. (Not like that ever stopped any of you guys before)... :)

I trust the unluckiest day of the year is going well for you? It certainly is for me. This morning, I nearly missed my bus, tripped down the stairs outside my house RUNNING for the bus, and left my jacket in the house I locked myself out of. 27 degrees

Lol, I guess it happens, and it was pretty least later it was. BUT KILLJOYS- If anyone is bothering to read this I have REALLY EXCITING NEWS!

So, some may (or may not) know that I am an a comic artist. And at 14, not a bad one, I don't think. Well, check this out-

Some guy my mom's works with writes comics, and I heard he writes the kinda stuff like Dark Shadows or Watchmen, which is exactly what I'm into. He's been working on this comic, but needs and artist, so my mom optioned me. This morning I gave her a folder of my best drawings, (including the ones in my earlier blog) and he'll see them today and, if he likes them, I'll be the comic artist for a REAL COMIC BOOK. He even pays 20 bucks a 20 pages an issue, that's 400 smacks, man. I'm SO EXCITED!-

Well, that's been today. Have a good unlucky day, don't take anyones drama, dish out more than they offer, and just go out there and destroy the world.