The Future is Bulletproof. And, so am I.

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The Future is Bulletproof. And, so am I.

So many things I'm suddenly looking forward to about this year.

First on my list, Responsible Legal Drinking!

Yes, I'll be 21 finally, which means going to my Mother's favourite bar. They play mostly Classic Rock, which is one of my all time favourite genres. (: I don't condone underage drinking, nor do I endorse it. I'm just saying I'm excited for my legal drunken karaoke & dancing sprees. :P I'm pretty good though ! So expect videos on that later this Spring.

I've decided upon my career choice for the time being; Professional Masseuse. :D

I'm super amazing at massages, it's just one of those natural things I guess. I have an above-average understanding of the human body and the Muscular System, so I know how to relieve the stress and it's always great to help people out. c: I figure people will get a kick out of seeing a 5 foot " emo " girl walking in to assess their appointments and whatnot'. x3 So, wish me luck ! :B

And my final reason to be excited about this year?

The New York State Fair this August. It's one of those traditional things to do with friends & family in New York. We even get loads of folks from out of State & Country that attend annually. O: The rides are great, and the shows are getting better here again. We used to have some issues with Fair visitor behaviour a few years back. Let's just say, at the 30 Seconds to Mars concert, some teenage floozie decided it would be a great time to flash the band.

It was not, a great time, to flash the band.. Especially when he announced on stage that he didn't even find that remotely attractive. ;l Mistakes are always made lmao.

Well, I've written too much, time to disappear for a bit'. It's nice outside, warm enough to have a cigarette and enjoy the nighttime sky without freezing. [:

This is Hayley, logging off'. Enjoy your evening Killjoys. ;* And add me as a friend if you like my blogs ! (: I'm super-friendly.

- The Summertime Killjoy -