So Long, Farewell

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So Long, Farewell

The journey we have all traveled with this band is done.
My tears have dried up, though my soul will still ache.
However, what's happened is over, and the people are gone.
We will watch the band leave as we stand in its wake.

We'll have to carry on, and brush off the sadness
so we can stand up and remember their glory.
We'll carry the message that led us through madness,
So everyone will know of their gallant story.

To those who fired the bullets, and felt the revenge,
Who died in the parade and respawned as a killjoy with conventional weapons.
I Thank You for the Venom, and for following them To The End.
"So long and good night", will be my Famous Last Words, friends.
Live on the Murder Scene, trade your bullets for love.
Carry on, and Sing it out before they take the light behind you eyes, dove.

*it's crude, but i hope you soldiers will appreciate it.

Keep it ugly. ~Art Renegade