I heard it too

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I heard it too

You know, that voice.
I've felt it a while now that it was gonna happen, and I wasn't in denial. I just was bracing myself.
So when it was announced I didn't cry. I nodded and accepted things had been happening lately, and reflected again on the fact that the guys are adults now, they've got adult problems, some have beautiful families that they wanna be with, and that the end was inevitable.

But I cried today. I cried when Gerard said he loved us, and I'm sure the other guys do to. I cried. Because I love this band so much, I love these people, I love what they've done for everyone and for me and for themselves. I'm not crying because they aren't gonna release any music, I'm crying because god damn... I fucking love these guys.

Way back when this site started and I was at the Roxy, I gave them a letter written in sloppy handwriting in a 2 hour car ride there pouring out everything I could get the guts to say on paper. Basically, I said that these guys were like dads to me. I never had one, and my step dad wasn't great. These guys were saying the things people should be telling their kids. Never give up, you're worth something, I believe in you. Ray took the letter, so I assume they read it.

And if they can read this now I hope they know I still mean it today.

I try hard and I wanna be something because you guys said I could. And I'm gonna hold onto that, if I have kids I'm gonna teach them that, and I'm gonna show them who told me so. I've got a sense of fatalism too, and sure the world doesn't end with a bang, it's with a whimper. But I'll make a hell of a lot of noise on the way there.

I'll always have the idea.
No one can ever kill an idea.