I just feel like writing a lengthy blog, hoping someone will read it. I dunno. Someone message me & we can talk about music:3

Well, hello^.^

Im just gonna tell yall about myself. cos im bored lol.

School starts August 15. In a way Im glad, I really need to get my grammar up to where it used to be, I find myself talking ridiculously like saying 'drived' and forgetting a bunch of words and shit. But in another way, all ive done this summer is go online, listen to music, and sleep. There isn't enough coffee in the world to wake me up enough to get up at 6.

I was downstairs earlier and I looked up at the ceiling and BAM. 3 spiders. I counted all the ones I could find down there, just in the kitchen and living room. 13. fmmmll guise. 13 spiders. D:

I can't wait til saturday. Scream it like you mean it<3 &sunday Im going to six flags. Such a busy weekend. & at the end of the month I get to see my hot neighbour's band perform ^.^


So. I've been getting really into Of Mice and Men, Sleeping with Sirens, and We Came as Romans. Anyone else like em?:3