Blurgehhargahe <-Say that out loud.

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Blurgehhargahe <-Say that out loud.

So im just chilling in my room playing my bass and it just annoys me so fucking much when youre playing the e string and it makes that like. ringing sound or whatever. it makes me so mad xD

Anyways though, I saw Awolnation last night;3 Personally, I though Aaron sounded great. My friend's mama made us leave early though because she wasn't having fun. BLEH. I was so mad. But. Whatever.

Now that Summerfest is basically over, i have nothing to look forward to, except the fact im going to chicago tomorrow, which is always a jolly fun time. But what the balls am i sposd to do after that?D:

I really hope I get a hang of this whole bass thing though. Or else my life is basically fuckeder than it is xD

But cha. Someone message me or something. Ballballsballs. Or you should follow me on tumblr if you have one. I post great shit.

This is the longest blog I've posted in a while. THIS CALLS FOR CELEBRATION. *passes out tacos and sombraros and fuze to everyone*

So yeah. i wurb you.