First Entry And Last

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First Entry And Last

I can't begin to fathom, the emotion I felt when I learned of MCR breaking up. Sure, I am moving on away from there music however the sheer, emotion... Really at one time in my life, a slightly darker time MCR was the most beautiful thing in a world of terrible things to me.

Now it's all over, they taught me many not explainable things with there quite explainable music. It was as if there songs were tailored to emotions to help you wade through the problems of life, and of-course just enjoy it. As I write this I am enjoying life whilst blasting "Summertime," this music has inspired me to be the best I can be in life while easing me out of a state of hate and denial, only true fans would see it that way.

However until something is taken from you, you never see how important it was. MCR to me represented much, I didn't see that though until "The Lights Went Out." I feel sad truly in this moment but celebrate them as they were...

2019 Killjoys, California, be there.

- Michael