I will never forget

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I will never forget

So, like, I'm new to this place, and all, and I really really like the family I've already seen.And I wanted to say thanks to those who have made me feel at home here already.

Anywho, to the actual meat of this here post-thingy. I wanted to say that I really really hope everyone will give the band their space. Or, at least give Gerard his space from the band. Because for all the petition signing, and all the talk of trying to get the band to realize their effect on us, its not the time. They know what they've done, and they know how much they mean to us. And to keep bothering them.........

Our time will come, maybe. A time when everyone in the band is receptive and open to reforming, or maybe just jamming together on one last tour. But we can't expect that, two weeks out. It's like a bad relationship break-up. You have to ride out the sadness, and the depression, and when you're finally whole again, reassess what you thought you wanted way back when. Its not easy. I promise you that the road will be long, and that there will be many potholes and hazard signs and detours. But we will all eventually recover.

If anyone needs someone to talk to about anything, the band, the breakup, your mom's casserole that's been in the fridge for a week and now has a strange green fuzz, message me. I try to check this site about three times a day, if not more. :)

So, I hope eventually that we can all come to a consensus on this, to let the band be. And I hope whoever it is out there that needs someone to talk to comes forward.

Carry on.