The World Will Never Take My Heart(fan fic) Part 1

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The World Will Never Take My Heart(fan fic) Part 1

Walking the same path as I do everyday. Through the only freedom I know, even though I shouldn't be here. I need to find a different path someday soon, they'll be waiting at the end of this one as they do everyday.

Allow me to explain starting where it all began. My name is Zane, I grew up in a small New Jersey town called Newark. When I was about eight years old I heard of some guys from my home town had started a band, and were doing well. Back then I wasn't much for music, and didn't care at all. That's not the point though. Two years later, when I was ten, my house burned down. Luckily I was at a friends that night, but my parents were at the house. They didn't get out, and died. They were the only family I had. I had to go live in the towns orphanage.

I hate the orphanage, there was only one good thing about it. Upon arriving i met the person I'd be rooming with. He was three years older than me, and was what I could only describe as goth, but I learned differently. Walking into the room for the first time he was sitting there listening to music. I asked him what band he was listening to. My Chemical Romance was his answer. I knew the name, it was the same guys who came from Newark. Needless to say I learned to love music, and My Chemical Romance were my favorite. Me and my room mate, who's name is Adam, became best friends, maybe even family.

That's really all there is to say. Except that just a month ago Adam took his own life. Again I'd lost my only family.

So here I am, still walking. Up ahead I see a few guys standing under a tree. As I get closer I see that they look panicked. That's when I see they're standing over a fourth guys who's blacked out.

To be continued...
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