The World Will Never Take My Heart part 42

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The World Will Never Take My Heart part 42

I took a break from calling people. I could call Leo, John, and Kat later. Right now I just wanted to relax a little. So, I grasped my notebook, and some cash, and put them into a bag. Took my bike, and rode to the Quick Shop in town.
At the Quick Shop I got my favorite flavor of Sun Chips, garden salsa, and an Arizona Iced Tea. I took my purchase to the park nearby.
I found a nice spot in the sunny field to sit, and enjoy myself a little. While snacking on my chips, I started to write. Not exactly lyrics, but just a little something.

'Shout Hallelujah
Pray for you hope
Forgive all the vain
All without answers
Nothing will work
Help will not come
Just give it all up
We're already gone'

That was it. I stopped abruptly with the disappearance of the idea. I couldn't rescue it, at least not now.
Instead I sat, and just enjoyed simplicity. I kept trying to rescue the idea, and continue writing, but just gave it up.

After about an hour I'd relaxed into a complete state of day dreaming. I didn't realize someone was calling my name. I looked for who it was, and aw Kat skipping toward me.
I waved a hello to let her know I knew she was there.
"Any news from Ray or the others?" She asked upon sitting s\down next to me.
"They all love the idea, especially Lindsey. Only thing is they keep saying it won't be easy, and reminding me were still in high school. Thing is I know that it won't be easy, life never is, especially for me."
She took my hand in hers, and asked "Is loving me easy?"
"Definitely." I sealed it with a kiss.

To be continued...
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