The World Will Never Take My Heart part 39

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The World Will Never Take My Heart part 39

"Zane!" I heard Kat call with a tinge of worry. "Where did you go?"
I didn't answer, just continued to cry. I guess she must have heard my sobs, because she was sitting next to me.
She put an arm around me, and cooed "It's okay. He didn't mean to upset you. The lyrics are beautiful, but they have a sad meaning. Just like Skylines And Turnstiles. You know that song. That song started My Chemical Romance, and they started all this. My Chem may be gone, but that gives someone else a chance. What do you think? Do you want to start a new legacy?"
I thought about this for awhile. Skylines And Turnstiles was the song that started My Chemical Romance. Gerard wrote about 9/11, about all the people that died, and all the people that were affected. Now I've written a song about Gerard's death, and how it affected so many people. I know what I think, and I'm definitely ready.

I lifted my head to look at Kat, wiped the last tears from my eyes, and nodded.
In response she smiled, and flung her arms around me in a huge hug. I hugged her back. When we pulled apart from each others arms, we stared at each other.
Her sparkly, blue eyes make even brighter from the smile on her face. I could tell we were both having the same thought. I leaned in towards her face, and she did the same. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss.

A rustle from around the corner interrupted us. We quickly pulled apart, and she blushed a little. I could fell my own cheeks filling with blood too.
"There you guys are. So, what's the verdict?" John asked coming around the corner with Leo in toe.
"I've got to talk to Mikey, Frank, and Ray, and we need to discuss a band name." I said in response.

To be continued...
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