The World Will Never Take My Heart part 28

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The World Will Never Take My Heart part 28

They practiced a few more songs before packing it in. I rode back home on my bike.

"I'm home." I yelled as I walked into the house from the garage.
"We're in the dining room" Christa yelled back.
"Hey, mom and dad." I greeted them as I walked into the dining room. "Oh, hey Gee, I didn't know you were coming over. What's the occasion?"
"No occasion, but I have a surprise for you. A late birthday gift if you will." Gerard answered.
"Okay then. Where is it?"
"Not here. It's at the studio, so we should get going so we can get there, and back here before it gets too late.

"So, can I have any hints about what it is?" I asked Gerard on the way to the studio.
"Well, it has to do with music." He chuckled without taking his eyes off the road.
"Can I have a little bit more of a hint then just that?"
"Just think about it."
I sighed in defeat, and sat back to think. Soon enough I'd zoned out completely.

"Oh shit!!" Gerard screaming brought me back to reality. Before I had time to react, it happened.
The tractor trailer in front of us lost control, and tipped over. There wasn't time for Gerard to stop, or swerve completely out of the way. He tried to swerve tot he right anyway. The left side of the car slammed into the crashed trailer.

To be continued....
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