The World Will Never Take My Heart part 26

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The World Will Never Take My Heart part 26

I was the last to arrive at Leo's place. They were all outside waiting for me.
"Finally. Man, why does it take you so long to get here?" Leo complained.
"Shut up. You know I don't live in town."
"C'mon now. Are you guys ready to rock?" Kat said impatiently.
"Always." Leo, John, and I all responded simultaneously.

We went down to the basement, and they all took their places with their instruments.
"Is that a new mic?" I asked.
"Not exactly new. My father got it from a friend who didn't need it anymore. Still works good though." Leo said.
"What are you going to use it for? You don't have a vocalist."
"We don't have a band name yet either, but that's not stopping us." John said.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just start playing."
"Alright. Let's start with Broken Pieces." Leo told Kat and John. "1,2,3!" He skipped 4 and started playing. John chimed in with his bass, and then Kat began pounding on her drums.
I love this song, it's by far one of my favorites they've written. So much so I've actually made some lyrics for it. They didn't know that though. I've written lyrics for several of the songs they've made that they don't know about.
I started singing my lyrics for Broken Pieces under my breath. I didn't think any of them would notice, but I was wrong. John saw my lips moving, and whispered something to Leo.

To be continued....
You'll find that I've posted two again, just this one more time. I really want to see your reactions on what I'm going to write in Part 28, and can't wait until Monday. Anyway, comments please!

"Hold it." Leo said loudly, and everyone stopped playing. "What are you singing?" He asked me.