The World Will Never Take My Heart part 11

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The World Will Never Take My Heart part 11

I guess that I must have passed out after awhile, because I woke up to a knock on my door. I got myself up and opened the door. Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and even Frank were standing there, each witha coffee in hand. They all looked as tired as I was, probably didn't sleep much for the same reason I didn't. Frank looked the worse of all, you could see he was still in some pain from yesterday.
"Morning," Frank said causing him to grimace out of the pain it caused.
"Yeah, good morning to you yous too." I said sleepily. "Give me a few minutes to get ready then we can go somewhere to talk."
"Mkay." Gerard half mumbled, obviously much more tired then even I was.

Back in my room I shed the sloths I had on. In place I pulled on a pair of dark wash jeans, put a black T-shirt with a skull on it on, and laced up my black converse.
I took another moment to comb out my dirty blond curls, and was back out in the hallway within three minutes.
"Ready to go." I announced as I closed my rooms door.

Again the ride in the van was silent. The whole time I just tried imagining how the soon to come conversation would go. Would they be angry, or understanding of my decision.

Finally we pulled into a diner parking lot. In the diner we seated and given menus, but we all knew we weren't here to eat.
After we all browsed our menus for a couple minutes Frank was the first to speak, "So, I hear you decided what it is you want. Are you sure there isn't anything else?"
"I understand it's not what you anticipated I'd say, but it's the only thing I've only ever wanted since I've been ten years old. You've got to understand that. The only people I had are gone, and just when I thought I'd found someone close to family, he goes and kills himself." I had to stop there because I was verging on tears.
"It's okay. Everyone needs a family, but it's not as easy to make happen as it sounds." Mikey said.

To be continued...
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