With My Music Turned Up Loud....

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With My Music Turned Up Loud....

Ignore the title. I was trying to think of something cool, but that's the best I got right now.
As of today I'll be leaving my lovely little home with it's internet connection and internet capable devices. Instead I'll be at camp to work. Camp, where there is no internet connection. That sadly means I wouldn't be able to read all your blogs, or see the messages you send me. I also won't be able to post blogs. Kind of saddening, I know, but it's job, and I need the money. I absolutely love camp, that place is to me as Jersey is to Frank. That's a love for one place.
I kind feel like I'm dying in a sense, I'm leaving everyone behind for practically a month. So, now here I am posting my "Away, be back in one month" blogs, and statuses. this is kind of depressing, there will be an addition of less depressing pictures to this blog. A song too perhaps.
So, there you have it. I'll be gone for month as of today. Please continue to send me messages I'll happily respond when I return home.
For now, See ya.

P.S. I still have music while I"m gone, so don't worry about me possibly suffering from music deprivation. It won't happen.

P.S.S. I took all the photos myself. Tell me what you think?

P.S.S.S. I still think this is pretty depressing despite the song and pictures :(

Don't let the bed bugs bite,
Sleep tight, and sweet dreams.
-Waterfall Bomb