Happy end of year and long time no see?

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Happy end of year and long time no see?

Wow...havn't been logged on for forever, i miss it.

And 'hey!'Killjoys, Lovers of MCR and all things good!

The last time i posted a blog and caught up with what MCR was up to, was a couple months ago! But low and behold, i am back! :P (grammar nazi's out there feel bad)

I missed the fanfiction, the pics and the chats, but mostly, i missed being connected to MCR.

What a year! Whoever said gr 11 wasnt easy, wasnt joking :/ Exams killed, projects killed, and the people sucked. How glad i am for holidays you do not believe :/

Have great news :D I am embarking on a world challenge next year and that is all i can think about :D exciiittmenttt!! :D

Now, to suffer in pain for studying for my last exam :D

Keep runnin****