(Some) Christmas Gifts!!!

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(Some) Christmas Gifts!!!

Sweet!! My grandmother let us open one gift from her early (by, like, eight hours) and not a one of my family of six (three brothers, my parents and myself) were disappointed. All got pajamas that fit our personal likes and personalities. But I also got a necklace with a space for a pearl, in the packaging, an oyster containing a colored pearl. Each color represents something different: white=wisdom, cream=success, peach=health, gold=wealth, and lavender=love. The oyster opening was an event that would make almost anyone laugh, as I can't ever bring myself to mess with animals like that (and here I was wanting to be a veterinarian since elementary school... Smh...). My brother closest in age to me (he's 15, I'm 18) had to open it and ended up chasing me around our kitchen with the mullosk in his hand. After he opened the sea creature, I had the lovely task of retrieving the pearl to see what color I got. That meant digging through the inside of the oyster. Yuck!!! But, in the end, I got a gold pearl. However, I am sad for the mullosk that died so I could have a pearl.

Sad panda is sad...

Well, I guess that's all until tomorrow.

Lots of love!