*sigh* College...

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*sigh* College...

So, long time no blog, I'm still alive and well.

I know that I usually vent on here while I'm at the depression part of a bad mood swing, and I apologize for that (I think I said this in my last blog, but I like being safe rather than sorry). I just need a shoulder to cry on at times, you know? But enough about that.

I was accepted to the small singing group at my college, again, so I really am happy for that and proud of myself. However, I may have to leave the college altogether because of financial issues (Financial Aid is backed up and I'm about to be $450 in debt because of the stupid office not having enough employees working on the applications) and go back home where I'm teased and picked at and, for lack of a better word, harassed by my own family. I don't want to go and I will fight tooth and nail to stay in Mississippi just so I can feel accepted and like an individual.

Rant part: over.

My roommate is AMAZING. She's in band and plays alto saxophone and is an English major. She likes Doctor Who and Supernatural. We already get along fantastically! (Even if I'm a little odd and wear my makeup a little dark on days that I get depressed and don't really know how to fully cope with my emotions at times.)

Well, I don't have much else to say, so stay beautiful, keep it ugly.