A Poem that I Wrote a While Ago...

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A Poem that I Wrote a While Ago...

~~ Lust and Love ~~

Bodies entangle in a sweaty mess,
Lustfully engulfed in one another.
Minds race as the act is committed,
One heart filled past the brim with love,
One heart void of it completely, overtaken by lust and sadistic pleasure.

Passion envelops the young bodies,
Hurt coming soon after for one,
The crime being done darkly with not a witness to stop them.
Her heart is breaking that day,
His lust is fueled by her cries,
The cries and moans only seal their dark and forbidden passion.

She knew it was all fake,
He didn't love her,
He was only using her,
But she didn't care.
She felt that she was wanted,
She felt loved,
She had him in that moment as hers.

He used her body,
With her permission of course.
He used her emotions,
He knew she loved him,
He didn't care.
He was satisfied,
His dark deed was done,
Whether she was broken or not,
Was not his concern.

She loved him,
She needed him,
She would do anything to have him,
Even if that meant
She had to let him use her.

She let her heart take the hit,
She did it all for the sake of this twisted and dark love.
The illusion her mind made for her,
It was a lie from him,
He wanted nothing to do with the broken heart he made.
She made herself believe that he cared.
She fooled herself into this dark love and lust.