Appreciate the little things

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Appreciate the little things

Today hasn't been one of my best days. In fact, it could be one of my worst only made worse by the fact that the one person that can always make me smile isn't really talking to me today (he's got stuff going on with himself that makes it hard to talk to me like he used to, actually). I mean, I was in tears almost all night last night by things I'm not going to talk about and then repeatedly asked if I was ok today by my family (honestly, I wasn't, but I didn't wan them to worry, and they believed me when I said everything was ok. Luckily, they can't read me as well as my friend [and ex-boyfriend] can).

After all is said and done (which, when you think about it, all is not said and all is not done...), I felt pretty much depressed today. I was sad and lonely and even a little heartbroken and hurt, and I could not find a way to escape it... Until I looked at our puppy sleeping as peacefully as can be on my bed. I realized that even though I may be hurt and sad, the little things in life, things as simple as a puppy sleeping next to you, are still there and still can be appreciated and loved. She brightened my oh so dark day, the puppy, and she still does as she stays with me :).

This day went from shit to something way better in a matter if minutes.

Stay beautiful, stay real, keep it ugly.