Another Poem

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Another Poem

New poem that I'm thinking up as I type.
~~ Angel ~~

The angel's room is that
Of depression, despair,
Loneliness, hurt.
Not the stereotype,
Out of the ordinary,
Just like the angel herself.

Listen closely,
You may hear the angel's
Silent tears fall
On pure skin,
Her heart shredded,
She has died inside.

She feels like
She's worthless,
Abandoned, a burden on
Any who encounter her.
She thinks she's a
Failure, a let down
To everybody and everything.

The angel has few
Friends that listen,
Her family claiming,
"She's just opinionated,
She talks too much."
So she resorts to
Bitter silence,
Being made mute by
The ones who told her
She was amazing when she sang.

She isn't convinced that they
Love her,
That they even care.
Angel has resorted to
Becoming deathly ill
To finally believe they
Give a damn.

Angel blames only her,
Her failures and disappointing feats
Causing a number of fights
Between two people
That once loved each other.
Their union is failing
Because of her
Insignificant existence.

She contemplates leaving,
Running away,
Just to escape the hurt.
Surely a life out there
Is better than the Hell
She faces.

Still, she brings out
The mask,
Hiding her pain,
Hiding her stupid emotions.
Angel faces the world
Broken and bleeding inside,
Smiling and whole out.

The angel I speak of,
Is not of lore,
Not a fake,
She is a real girl,
Trapped inside a world that hurts,
She is a broken angel,
Her wings incapable of

She dreams of escape.
She- I dream of escape.
It probably isn't my best, I can't really think coherently right now...
Let me know what you think!