Does your shadow live on without you?

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Does your shadow live on without you?

You know, I'm kind of upset about this sudden break up notice. I feel for all those fans who never got to see them live.

I first fell in love with MCR in February of 2011 and then less than two month later I was 3rd row at the Vancouver Center for Performing Arts wait to watch them. It was the fastest I'd ever fallen for a band and man I never imagined I'd hit the ground.

Tonight, I am remembering the very first moment I heard them live and I've posted a link to that concert below.

I think the greatest moment I ever had with MCR was during a live performance of Planetary (GO!) at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. There was a feeling in that crowd I will never forget.

Tomorrow, I'm having an interview with a band to become their vocalist. I have a good feeling about this...

Rock on and on and on and on,