You wanna get cheeky with me, eh?

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You wanna get cheeky with me, eh?

Let me tell y'all somethin' real cute about " The Law " and why I'm feelin' like it's become more of an Epidemic Disease, NOT a Saviour to The People. ;)

I have a friend who was enjoying a canned iced tea she had gotten from a run down convenience store in her small town. She worked at a bar, so generally she's associated with alcohol by every person who knows her. ( That's roughly about the whole town. )

A new pig comes into town. Lookin' to show himself off to everyone the way he learned in his Northern hometown. He sees my friend drinkin' her tea, & without and probable cause, his arrogant ass ends up pulling a false arrest. Accusing her of mixing a SMALL amount of booze into her tea. You could ask the witnesses she had there, one of them bein' myself, she had not touched a drop of liquor and does not while at her work place. After some strong words from our friends, and a well-spoken call to another officer from me.. We settled things. She was lucky, unhandcuffed.. & we all got to go home and enjoy our night.

To you, the readers, though - Words of advice.

If an officer of the law ever goes against the rules and tries apprehending you or a close friend without probable cause, exercise your Rights immediately. If you do not know them, take the time out of your day to educate yourselves and properly equip this Generation with the Knowledge of our Human Rights. ;) Have a great evening & f*ck sh!t up! <3