Reverends and Vampires.

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Reverends and Vampires.

Someone has decided in person tonight in public, to deliberately insult my belief in Vampirism. While I would usually find myself briefly offended, I can't here. It would be unfair. Hollywood and myths portrayed Vampires to be almost Demonic creatures, able to physically live forever young, and feeding off of the blood of innocents.

That's where so many people are wrong, though. xD

My Belief, one endeared by a surprising many nowadays, is that real Vampires are human beings with unusual abilities and senses. Rather than " sucking your blood ", they feed off of Energy that comes from naturally occurring things such as emotions, actions, weather, etc. In general, the idea of what makes anyone a true Monster is whether they choose to feed off of Negative or Positive energies. They do not sparkle, nor do they fight werewolves.. Although that did make for one Hell of a series in the movies, to be fair. c;

So, I suppose when I look at myself, and the seemingly crazy things I believe in, I can understand why somebody wouldn't react normally to it.. But, I just cannot excuse making it a public ordeal and involving half of a shopping mall in your vicious rant.. o.O; So yeah, next time don't expect this cherry bomb to take your bullsh*t! <3

I'm off to slumber now, as I've had a super uncool evening. :P Can't win 'em all. So Long & Good Night, everyone..