News isn't New anymore.

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News isn't New anymore.

My Chemical Romance didn't " break up " at all, and I'm profoundly caught up in why everyone keeps using the turn of phrase " broken up ".

The band only chose to stop making music, and live their lives in the stars.

They have been in the music business for twelve years. That's a long path to travel when you started out only expecting for some slight success. I used to dream of singing for people who needed the inspiration most; Motivation for the toughest obstacles we endure as we begin to grow into the World and the truth behind the things we never used to think twice about. It is our own choice in Life how far we go, and where we'll live on.

So, while I usually never say things like this; Chill Out Guys!

They did what every other band/prophets have done.. Moved on.

- Hayley Hollowpointe -