The End of the Beginning is Here.

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The End of the Beginning is Here.

It's stormy out, and I'm feeling quite the way it's looking outside. A Beautiful Disaster. I'm now certain and more so than ever of what I want my future to hold for me.

A cabin in the woods, somewhere gorgeous like my dreams. I want a fireplace. The sound of Happiness and Life around me, without the constant downfall of society and people. I want a little slice of the fairy tales, without the drama. I want someone who's been through Hell and back several times, yet wants to change and have a real movie ending come to life by taking to tomorrow with me. We could sleep in the desert.. Whisper secrets in the cemetery.. Find reasons to fall in love all over again on the counter with some morning coffee. Somebody to Love. Someone who cares, will never Judge, and will light my way through the dark until the Sun rises again.. <3 But I'm not someone who's very straight forward and outgoing.. So this is where I run into a dead end.

And I find myself back in this place.. This old, beaten up room. Feeling like, it's almost Fate that I'm who I am. So, here's some News for those of you whom check my blogs.

I'm going to invest this Summer in some recording equipment, and I will be posting videos of my vocals to share with the World. I want my life to be remembered even by just a few people out there as a symbol of the things I've seen, done and been through.. And that even when we convince ourselves we're never gonna accomplish our goals.

We Will. <3 Have a good evening, everyone. :) Stay Amazing!

~ The Summertime Killjoy ~