Artwork. <3

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Artwork. <3

I used to sing in a band called " This Ambulance; Our Hearse. "

These drawings are my physical memory of the three years we spent together making songs that could bring us to tears, drive us slightly mad, make us fall in Love.. It was rough as Hell sometimes, but hey.. Life's no bed of Roses unless it comes with thorns. ♥

Overall, I hope each and every soul in the World tonight finds some type of silver lining to their clouds.. I find myself in deep thought at the moment, though I never really talk about Romance or the kind of relationship I desire. I'm very picky, and I'm not really sure if that's because subconsciously I know who my " soulmate " ( if you believe in that sort've connection ) is, or perhaps like I always hear from others " I have a type. " Is there really a type, though..? A rather convicting inquiry to ponder, heheh'. ^ ^; I don't personally believe looks or appearance should be what you base your relationships on, but if you do, that's okay as well because it's your Life. As long as you do what makes YOU happy.. You're on the right path. (:

I'm off to shower and sleep now, the breeze coming in the window feels good. x_x So Long && Good Night, Killjoys.

~ Hayley ~