Like always, keep scrolling. This isn't important.

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Like always, keep scrolling. This isn't important.

I have this friend-well, I don't know if this is even considered a friend, but for the sake of this unimportant blog, it will be-and she and I have some major problems. Not the kind that normal teenagers have but ones that have always been there inbetween our friendship. Although, everyone does have quirks that others may find annoying, I have found many in her. Now, I'm not trying to say I'm immune to these because I am most definately not, I'm just setting up a central theme here. Every so oftenI used to find these things about her that would make me cringe or my eye to twitch in annoyance. Lately, it's just about everything she does. Here is some of my findings:

-She laughs flirtatiously at anything and everything.
-She sounds like a four year old girl when she giggles.
-She does't stop giggling.
-She tries to impress people way too much.
-She flaunts herself infront of guys.
-She is very touchy-feely.
-She doesn't leave anyone room to speak.
-She insists on following me around like a puppy.
-She doesn't understand what "personal space" means.
-She always brings things to a sexual conversation (i.e. pickles, baseballs, bananas).
-She puts herself down so people can disagree with her to make her feel better about herself.
-She has a habit of sticking her chest out to gain attention.
-She "falls in love" with every guy she meets.
-She does anything she can to make herself the center of attention.
-She instantly falls for any guy with abs and/or huge biceps

These are just the things I can think of off the top of my head. Now let's bring this to the topic of MCR. Back in April I was rifling through her iPod when I found that she had MCR on it. I froze and was like "YOU LIKE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE TOO!?" Of course I was excited to know that I had a member of the MCRmy as a friend. she nodded and smiled. Let's fastforward this story to September of 2011. We got back into MCR like it was a law to do so. From the start, I knew that they were attractive men but that's where my fantasy ends. They are attractive, I don't want to seduce them or anything

I showed my friend how they look and she went completely gaga for them. Everyday from then on, I've had to listen to her tell me about her odd dreams about Frank, or Gerard, or Mikey, but never Ray. And when we'd get on the subject of ever having the chance to meet them face-to-face she does something along the lines of, "I think I'd die. Then wake up and say 'Kiss me Frank and I won't be dead anymore.'" It's quite evident that she'd jump in their pants the first chance she got. No matter how many time I remind her of the age difference, their marriages, and Frank and Gerard's daughters she won't lose hope that one day she'll have sex with MCR. Being that saying no to her is near impossible, I smile and go along with her sick fantasy. She says she's a true Killoy and MCRmy soldier but when can you be a true fan when you only think about screwing them? Today she had her iPod on and "This Is How I Disappear" came on. She said "What is this? Of its TIHID (my abreviation), I have never heard this." She then followed it with something about Gerard having a sexy voice in it. My conclusion; she doesn't care for their music, she only cares for what's under their zipper.

And today she began to replace me. Yes, actually replace me as a friend. We sat in our Spanish 1 class and I wouldn't talk because A) I wasn't in the mood to and B) I was fnishing homework. So forgive me for not being an upbeat prep. She scoffed and walked arond my desk to sit with an acquaitance of hers. They began to giggle and talk about boys. This didn't bother me as much as what else happened. During lunch, she latched onto another acquaintance of hers, Avery. They began to completely ignore my friend Kristal and I. This got under skin. Besides the fact that she is single-handedly stealing my friend Vanessa away. Me and Nessa used to be as tight as vacuum packed seafood. Now Nessa doesn't speak to me unless she absolutely has to. And then she had the audacity to come up to Kristal and I like nothing happened. Kristal was already oozing with anger and when her peppy voice screeched a hello it just sent Kristal over the edge. She stormed off muttering words I'd rather not repeat. Avery and her turned to me and said, "What's wrong with her?" This got me angry too. I snapped back at them "You would know if you bothered to pay attention to the world outside of the two of you."

The bracelet that I wore with her name onn it is off my wrist now. It used to be a symbolic metaphor for her that we were inseperable but that's gone now. It's off and I have no regrets.